1. What do the coaches at Inner Sports do with the information gathered at the initial principle evaluation session?
    Our coaches use this information to get a snapshot of the player’s level of well being at that particular moment. This snapshot is essential for us to customize a coaching plan for the individual player.
  2. On several sections of your site, you indicate that the answer to a player’s personal performance lies within them. So why do you use the principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought as the basis for your coaching methodology?
    The truth is that Mind, Consciousness and Thought are principles that every person has innate access to. Think of the principles as the wisdom within all of us. When an athlete uncovers this truth, they approach training, practice, and play with boundless energy and vision as the game simply becomes easier.
  3. How is your coaching accomplished?
    For the most part, our coaching is conducted one on one: in person, via the internet, or via phone. We also offer scheduled chats on specific athletic behavioral topics, with one of our coaches available to talk about issues or concerns in a group setting.
  4. What about pricing?
    Our fee schedule varies based on the specific coach and application. For example, our lead coaches’ fees for 3 or 4 day seminars or meetings with teams or organizations, range from $3,000-$5,000, plus expenses. Our one on one coaching is usually billed as a monthly retainer of between $750-$950 per month. Under this program, our coaches are available to a player on an as needed basis, plus a scheduled weekly coaching session. Please ask us about other payment specifics and options.